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2X16 / Hyperpole - 16 ft.
2X16 / Hyperpole - 16 ft.
2X16 / Hyperpole - 16 ft.
2X16 / Hyperpole - 16 ft.
2X16 / Hyperpole - 16 ft.
2X16 / Hyperpole - 16 ft.
2X16 / Hyperpole - 16 ft.
2X16 / Hyperpole - 16 ft.

2X16 / Hyperpole - 16 ft.

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The 2X16/HyperPole features an extended length of 192" (16 ft.) and a collapsed length of  105". This product has one 3K Twill Carbon Fiber outer pole, two 3K Twill Carbon Fiber inner poles and a stainless steel tool end HyperDrain fill fitting, slip on hand grip, and two right angle compression pinch clamps that allow for rapid length selection.  Manufacture part #: UPT-2X16X192

Product features:

• 3K Carbon Fiber weave high-strength and lightweight
• Highest strength to weight ratio.
• Right angle locking compression clamps.
• Unique Stainless Steel Hyper Drain/Fill system
• No predetermined set points of its extension


• 3K Carbon Fiber Weave Pole
• Perpendicular Lever Compression Pole Clamps
• Stainless Steel Steel Tool End Fitting
• Hyper Drain/ Fill System
• Mass Air Pinch Clamp Grip


• The strongest pool pole on the market.
• Reduces user fatigue while increasing productivity
• Easier and quicker to make length adjustments
• Fits any pool tool on the market without the use of an adapter.

 Warranty Policy:

HyperPole warranty one-year manufacturer defect on the pole and hyperdrain tool end fitting. The grip and speed clamps are considered consumable items and require replacement subject to wear. 

We do NOT cover damage or worn tubes resulting in any type of  circumferential, longitudinal Cracking, these are not cracks resulted from manufacture defects.

To Inquire about warranty please send an email to Info@ultimatepooltools.com with proof of purchase and photos of the issues your inquiring about. 


Shipping Policy: 

We will process and package your order with in 24- 48 hours and drop it off to the shipping carrier you have selected to ship your products. Once the package is in the hands of the shipping carrier you have selected it is no longer our responsibility. if you have any issues with your shipping such as delays or non-delivery you will need to contact the shipping carrier and please also notify us.