The VacDaddy Basic Bundle with V2W® Kit, Aluminum Adapter Pole, and Aluminum Vac Head Handle

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This bundle includes:  Our Basic Bundle pairs your VacDaddy and V2W attachment with our Skimlite adapter pole (27” length of pole which allows you to set up VacDaddy one time and never have to adjust again), plus our rigid vac head handle (allows a more stable mounting of VacDaddy on the pole). This Basic Bundle can be referred to as our ‘starter package’ to give you the best first-time user experience.

*More Bundle Options Available Upon Request 


Introducing The VacDaddy Basic Bundle, your go-to solution for a hassle-free and efficient cleaning experience. This powerful and portable pool vacuum is the answer to your cleaning needs, boasting the advanced VacDaddy® Powerful Portable Pool Vac 2.0 technology. The bundle includes the VacDaddy and V2W® (Vacuum to Waste) Kit, paired with our Skimlite aluminum adapter pole (27” length) and a durable plastic vac head handle.

The VacDaddy, at the heart of this bundle, is a robust vacuum system designed to effortlessly tackle dirt, dust, and debris in your pool. With the versatile V2W® Kit, it transforms into a professional pool vacuum, making it the perfect cleaning tool for various surfaces and challenging pool areas.

What sets the Basic Bundle apart is the inclusion of the Skimlite aluminum adapter pole, allowing you to set up your VacDaddy just once and never worry about adjustments again. The rigid plastic vac head handle ensures a stable and secure mounting of the VacDaddy on the pole, enhancing your overall cleaning efficiency.

Consider this Basic Bundle as your ‘starter package’ for the best first-time user experience. It’s not just a cleaning tool; it’s a complete solution that simplifies your pool cleaning routine. Upgrade to The VacDaddy Basic Bundle today and discover the convenience of a cleaner, healthier pool environment with the VacDaddy® Powerful Portable Pool Vac 2.0!