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The Hyper Grip ll features felt Rubber with a Pinch clamp on the top and bottom to fasten the grip to the pole securely. No more grip migration or sticky grips! A Mass air flow inlet for rapid air release from the Hyper Pole with a replaceable ergonomic end cap.  End caps are special orders 


  • Unique end cap   
  • Mass air flow inlet for rapid air release 
  • Two Pinch clamp
  •  All Stainless-Steel hardware 


  • Felt Rubber relatively resistant to abrasion and moisture absorption, long-lasting, resistant to wear and chemicals.
  • Stainless steel 304 has excellent corrosion resistance in a wide variety of environments and when in contact with different corrosive media
  • Corrosion resistance resists most oxidizing acids and Salts


  • Reduces user fatigue while increasing productivity
  • Easier to install                                                                                                   
  • Corrosion resistance resists most oxidizing acids and Salts                                 
  • All Stainless-Steel hardware 


Installation Instructions

Installation Guide (Video on our Instagram @ultimatepooltools)
Supplies Required: 2.5 Millimeter Allen Wrench, windex, Paper Towel, Rubber mallet or hammer, smooth ball hammer.
Supplies Provided: 1 Hyper Grip, 1 End Cap, 2 2.5 mm screws.

 If you have old blue hyper grip: 

  1. Remove the Allen screw and nut, next take a sharp knife, and score/ cut the grip from the Allen screw pinch clamp to the end of the grip and end cap. Then at the grip pinch clamp Use a pen or socket extension to spread apart the grip clamp and twist to release the bond tape. Then slide the grip off one it has released from the tube.
  2. Clean the residue from the previous grip bond tape adhesive. Use Windex and a paper towel.
  3. Get your scotch tape, and hyper grip. Use the hyper grip to measure where to place your scotch tape. Place your tape on the pole and wrap it around 360 degrees leaving some room to “dog ear” the tape for easy removal. (Please see the Instagram TV installation video for this part).
  4. You will need the 1 Piece of bond tape that was provided. You are going to apply the Bond Tape to the pole approximately 1/8th of an inch away from the scotch tape between the scotch tape and the end of the pole.
  5. Dampen the bond tape with water or Windex to activate and lube the tube to help the grip slide on. Lightly mist do not over dampen the bond tape.
  6. Take the grip and push the pen down between the grip’s pinch clamp. Make sure the pen is not blocking the opening for the grip end where the pole inserts. This will open the grips pinch clamp, so it slides easily over the pole end.
  7. Next install the grip by hand, slide it on up to the beginning of the bond tape leave the pen in place. Now you are ready to hammer the grip on the rest of the way, MAKE SURE you leave the pen in place in the pinch clamp. You may need to hold it in place using your thumb while you hammer the grip on. MAKE SURE you Use a Rubber mallet to tap the grip (don’t hit it to hard light taps until it’s on all the way) with the pen onto the pole up to the scotch tape.
  8. Remove the scotch tape and pen, and any bond tape that is left over.
  9. Get your Nut and screw (notice the nut has a flat side and a beveled side. The beveled side goes facing down into the plastic). Place the nut Beveled side down into the square side of the pinch clamp.
  10. Leave the Grip with the nut side facing up and install the Allen screw from underneath.
  11. Tighten the screw into the nut from underneath until the screw is securely fastened. Once the screw has tightened you can turn the grip up and tighten more. PLEASE use our installation guide video on our Instagram to help you.
  12. The end cap and retainer clip come installed already.

If you have all black Hyper grip 

  1. Remove the two 2.5 allen screws from grip.
  2. Take a Ruber hammer and tap the grip off OR grab the grip, twist and pull off. 
  3.  clean the carbon tube with windex and towel of some kind.
  4. take the new grip and tap it on the tube with rubber hammer until flush. 
  5. install the two 2.5 allen screws in the two metal pinch clamps don't over tighten. 
  6. insert the plug in the end of tube, if plug is loose, remove plug and wrap 1 to 2+ times around of electrical tape re-install.

Patent Pending

  • 3K Carbon Fiber Weave Pole
  • Perpendicular Lever Compression Speed Clamps
  • Stainless Steel Steel Tool End Fitting
  • Hyper Drain/ Fill System
  • Mass Air Pinch Clamp Grip


Our Speed clamp sets, and Hyper Grips are considered consumable items and require replacement subject to wear. The warranty is 60 days manufacture defect. Hyper Grips can be damaged from slapping the most inner section closed migrating the grip off the pole and then it breaks this is not covered under warranty. 

To make a warranty claim please send an email with attached photos of the issues or damage along with a receipt or proof of purchase. Please send the email to Info@ultimatepooltools.com 

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