The VacDaddy® Powerful Portable Pool Vacuum 2.0!

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Revolutionize your pool maintenance routine with the VacDaddy Powerful Portable Pool Vacuum– the ultimate solution for a spotless pool! Don’t exhaust yourself cleaning – JUST VAC IT™! Our continuous power supply ensures sustained cleaning performance, making it a standout power vacuum for the pool. Unlike battery-powered alternatives, the VacDaddy boasts a lightweight, user-friendly design with no poolside assembly or training required.

Benefit from our latest enhancements, including a new and improved IP67 dimmable transformer for international adaptability. The VacDaddy now features larger filter bags, offering a 60% larger surface area and a 108% bigger volume. Tackle pool dirt effortlessly with our power pool vacuum – perfect for both residential and commercial use.

Experience the freedom of efficient pool cleaning; order your VacDaddy today and dive into a sparkling, debris-free pool oasis!